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Welcome to How To Write A Tune, the only podcast that looks into the hearts, minds and souls of musicians and try to find an answer to the age old question; How do you write a tune? To add this podcast to your Podcast app please paste the following link into your podcast manual feed:
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Nov 28, 2016

This week Jay and Tony are joined by 2 returning guests who have an excellent night out for all of you in store.

David Goo featured on the first ever episode of H2WAT and Elliot was on around this time last year.

So come join us on Monday November 28th 2016 (Yes tonight!) @ The Bedford in Balham for David Goo Presents 'The Elliot Mason Show, Episode 6' Premiere.

H2WAT crew will be in the house, so come and say hi! See you this evening.

Today's tunes is 'If You Were My Girl' by Elliot Mason from the album 'Life Is Like A Movie' - go get it today!

and Big up to Garmsley from The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg & Joe for splendid intro work. Check them out now on iTunes or your local podcast vendor.

Catch up with David and The 150 Friends Club -

And for everything Elliot checkout -

Nov 25, 2016

This week Jay and Tony are joined by friends of pod Jarek Zaba, Brent Davies and Chris Kelly, the team behind the brand new podcast The US 100.

Join them on their epic journey across the American musical landscape and in contrast to this show, a lot of research and hard work has gone into making The US 100 an enjoyable and educational experience, we liken Jarek to a Dan Carlin for music...

Check them out at, where you will find the playlist, long form articles, the podcasts themselves and their B-sides with all the full length tracks from the shows. What more could you need.

Subscribe in all the usual podcast places, check them out on:

Facebook -

Twitter - @the_us100

Website -


And don't forget to join us David Goo Presents 'The Elliot Mason Show, Episode 6' Premiere on Monday 28th Nov 2016 at The Bedford in Balham. The greatest show on Earth.

Oct 28, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined by legendary battle rapper and Founder of Don't Flop Rowan 'Eurgh' Faife. Lots of booze and great stories, so please enjoy. Don't Flop's 8th Birthday is coming this November. Join the festivities over 4 days, from London to Leeds on 17-20th Nov. For details and tickets, check out
Sep 30, 2016
The boys enjoy celebrating International Podcast Day with Greg and Joe form The All Seeing Guys. Exclusive preview of The BrassKats brand new tune 'Too Sleepy (For A Revolution), drunken banter and much much more. Enjoy
Sep 29, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined by Tom and Ben from Desert Planes. Their new single Together Apart is this week's track and is out now at all of your favourite music dispensaries. For links to everything Desert Planes catch them on @desertplanes
Sep 20, 2016
This week Jay and Tony sit down with local rockers Earthtide. They have a new Live EP 'Live, Loud & Loaded' coming out on October 7th 2016 and you can join them at the Fighting Cocks, Kingston for the album launch that evening. Free entry and anyone who has seen Earthtide before knows that it will be a proper party. This week's track 'Airship' is an exclusive from 'Live, Loud & Loaded'.
Sep 9, 2016
This week Tony and Jay are joined by the R Kelly of Heavy Metal - Renny Carroll from Forever Never. They talk about the importance of melody and how some metal bands lose their way just trying to be ‘Metal’. Forever Never have a new EP Speak Up and today’s track One Life is from that EP. They are on tour in November so for shows, music, videos and much more catch them on all the social medias or at
Aug 23, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined by our sisters from another litter - The Lounge Kittens. Their new album Sequins & C-Bombs is out on Sept 16 2016 and you can pre-order it now from For tour dates and much more, check out This week's track is the debut single from Sequins & C-Bombs - Alice Cooper's Poison. Enjoy.
Aug 11, 2016
EPISODE 50!!!! woohoo! The first ever H2WAT LiveStream - catch the video on YouTube: This week Jay and Tony are joined live in the studio by Liam from RUMPSTEPPERS and BrassArmy veteran George. Millie Manders and Crinkle Cuts call in to let us know how they have been getting along and everyone gets hyped about BoomTown Fair this weekend. This week's song is The BrassKats - Powerlines (from Suitable For Public Consumption EP)
Aug 5, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined by podcasting brethren Greg and Joe from Dicerollers. Check out their podcast The All Seeing Guys: This week's track is Dicerollers - Screwed (Produced by Ronin) and will be featured on their up and coming mix tape 'They Say it's Good For You' Check out everything Diceroller on Soundcloud or at
Jul 27, 2016
This week Tony and Jay take you state side to chat to Trey from The Icarus Account. You can get their album 'Over The Moon' now and this weeks song is 'Chicago' from that album. Keep your eyes peeled for the new video coming very soon. The Icarus Account are also about to embark on a US Tour. Catch them in all the normal social media places or at for dates, music and lots more.
Jul 21, 2016
This week it's just Jay and Tony. But have no fear there is plenty of nonsense to go round. The lads talk about the early days of 'The BrassKats', the soon to be released Bones Knows Podcast and their new band 'Jacking Off Dad' 'The Return of The BrassKats - The Debut Album' is available now at all of the usual online retailers. Also catch up on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Youtube and all the other places. Today's song is Big Phat Hippie Girls.
Jul 13, 2016
This week Jay and Tony sit down with the Andy and John from Khaidian. Much laughter and silliness ensued. Their new EP Lucidity is out Autumn/Fall 2016 and today's track Pearls Before Swine is an exclusive preview from that EP. Catch up with them on for all the info on gigs, music and their awesome videos.
Jul 5, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined by the awesome Tree House Fire. They popped into the studio on their way to this year's International London Ska Festival. Tree House Fire's new EP Coming In Hot is out now. Available at or your usual online retailer. Catch them this Friday 8th July @ The Globe in Cardiff and at a plethora of festivals including Boomtown and One Love. See all their dates at Music this week is the title track from the new EP - Coming In Hot This episode of How To Write A Tune is brought to you by the Roadie Tuner. Go to and enter coupon code 'H2WAT' at checkout for 10% off your first order.
Jun 28, 2016
This week Tony and Jay are joined by a The Turncoat himself, frontman of The Hellfire Orchestra Jamie Dineen is in the house. Hellfire Orchestra have a new EP Bastille Day out August 1st 2016 and this week's tune is an exclusive sneak peak at Highgate Hill. Their new single and title track Bastille Day is out July 14th 2016 at all your usual retailers. Catch them on Facebook or at This episode is brought to you by The Roadie Tuner. Go to and use the code 'H2WAT' at checkout for 10% off your first order.
Jun 21, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined by friends old and new. Jess and Robb from Qtone are in the house. If you have not seen Qtone play at some point over the last 20 years, you must not go out much! Influences: NIRVARNA PEARL JAM ANNIE DE FRANCO GUN N ROSES BB KING BB KING WISKEY AND CAROCELS VIDEO QTONE FACEBOOK follow the band QTONE SOUND CLOUD to listen to the band DULCET TONE RECORDS
Jun 16, 2016
This week we are joined by friend of the pod Jamz. You may remember Jamz from back on the George Works episode but he has so much to share of his own we brought him back for another round of How To Write A Tune. This episode is brought to you by the Roadie Tuner. Go to and use the promo code H2WAT at checkout for 10% off your first purchase THE GEORGE WORKS BAND for more info on the band. for some of the bands music. "DIRTY BOY" live in the studio video . "MIND RIOT" live in the studio video . THE ROCKET SOCIAL TRIO to check out the band on Facebook. Live video of the band . KALAKUTA for Facebook. Live video from smugglers fest . SIMI AND THE LAA'S Cover of "Crazy" . To follow the band. for booking and further info on all of the above bands. For more info on "Chubba Dubs" nights visit . Also check out George Works in episode 26 of H2WAT right here. The Lounge Kittens 'Sequins & C-Bombs' Pre-order:
Jun 6, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined live from Nashville, Tennessee by Nautical Rock'n'Roll outfit Rusty Shipp. They discuss influences, combining them all to make something new and how to use music to deliver a message. Rusty Shipp's latest single Sinking Scarabs can be found at all of your usual music dispensaries: This week's episode is brought to you by the Roadie tuner, the ultimate handheld, automatic guitar tuner. Go to and use the code 'H2WAT' at checkout for 10% off your first purchase. Link dump: THE BEATLES MXPX THRICE- HOLD FAST HOPE JOURNEY LED ZEPPELIN-JIMMY PAGE SNARKY PUPPY METALLICA IRON MAIDEN Latest Single 'Sinking Scarabs' HOLD FAST TO HOPE. FIRST EP AVAILABLE ON ITUNES. WEBSITE. for merch, show dates TWITTER. to follow the guys.
May 31, 2016
Now with Remastered Audio! This week friend of the pod Sanj Surati joined the boys in the studio for a good old reminiscing session. We talked about the good old days, lost bands and great shows, thinking you've made it, Heatham House and much more. @sanjsurati @AnonymousTip link dump: early influences inc flock of seagullls, the cure and guns and roses, and nirvana. (GNR Appetite For Destruction album youtube). Aphid itunes link: Heatham House gigs with Humbug, Satellite Beach and Silent Front. Anonymous Tip iTunes: (band rehearsal set up video) (day in the life of video) Tupac hologram at Coachella
May 24, 2016
This week the boys are joined in the studio by jungliest turned swinger Mista Trick. They talked about everyones favorite local pirate garage radio stations, the changing times in DJing and how a man ends up playing Swing. Catch Mista Trick this Friday May 27th at Sala BeCool in Barcelona. Check out Mista Trick on Soundcloud for a selection of his mixes and remixes. Today's track is Mista Trick's remix of London by ScrAtchOphoNe OrchEstrA. Show Notes and Links: Boomtown: These guys, @jalapeno-records Sweet Life Society…ontrol-instinct/ @pocketbelles All the festivals, Record Store Day Event:
May 16, 2016
This week Jay and Tony hit the road and headed to Brighton where they caught up with Evelyne while extremely hungover! They discuss her journey through music, how she ended up at BIMM, writing top lines and the difference between writing for someone else vs yourself. Catch up with Evelyne (Jessie Young) on Facebook
May 9, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined by the sprunk specialists Crinkle Cuts. They mobbed the studio in numbers shortly after playing a late night show and chaos ensued! You can catch Crinkle Cuts at this years Boomtown Fair and Secret Garden Party or at
May 2, 2016
This week the boys are back down in Deal where they caught up with Wake Up Leo. If you missed Wake Up Leo at their recent show with non other that UK pop legends Space - have no fear. Click here to catch up on all things Wake Up Leo, including all the upcoming events
Apr 25, 2016
This week the Jay and Tony caught up with Harrison Rimmer during his recent UK tour. They chat about old influences, a brief rap career, getting down with Choir, playing it all yourself vs getting a band and taking it on tour. Check out Harrison's latest EP 'C' right now. Just imagine if Han Solo and Arnold Rimmer had a child? How weird would that be? I'm just throwing that out there.
Apr 19, 2016
This week Jay and Tony sit down with Patrick Craig. In a few short years Patrick has done what many can only dream of and this week that culminates in the release of his new album. Catch the album launch party (featuring special secret guest) this Saturday 23rd April @ The Fighting Cocks. We'll see you there. For everything Paddy go to
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