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Welcome to How To Write A Tune, the only podcast that looks into the hearts, minds and souls of musicians and try to find an answer to the age old question; How do you write a tune? To add this podcast to your Podcast app please paste the following link into your podcast manual feed:
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May 9, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined by the sprunk specialists Crinkle Cuts. They mobbed the studio in numbers shortly after playing a late night show and chaos ensued! You can catch Crinkle Cuts at this years Boomtown Fair and Secret Garden Party or at
May 2, 2016
This week the boys are back down in Deal where they caught up with Wake Up Leo. If you missed Wake Up Leo at their recent show with non other that UK pop legends Space - have no fear. Click here to catch up on all things Wake Up Leo, including all the upcoming events
Apr 25, 2016
This week the Jay and Tony caught up with Harrison Rimmer during his recent UK tour. They chat about old influences, a brief rap career, getting down with Choir, playing it all yourself vs getting a band and taking it on tour. Check out Harrison's latest EP 'C' right now. Just imagine if Han Solo and Arnold Rimmer had a child? How weird would that be? I'm just throwing that out there.
Apr 19, 2016
This week Jay and Tony sit down with Patrick Craig. In a few short years Patrick has done what many can only dream of and this week that culminates in the release of his new album. Catch the album launch party (featuring special secret guest) this Saturday 23rd April @ The Fighting Cocks. We'll see you there. For everything Paddy go to
Apr 12, 2016
This week the lads are joined by the legend John Otway. They go deep on a career spanning 40 years with one of the most entertaining men in Rock n Roll history. John is due to record a new album later this year and you could be involved. Go to and check out all his music, upcoming gigs, the album plans and how you can donate to make it even better. Kickstarter campaign goes live 1st May 2016. Today's song is 'Beware The Flowers' from 'Deep & Meaningless' with Wild Willy Barrett
Apr 4, 2016
This week Jay and Tony sit down with the modern day troubadour Sean McGowan. Sean is on tour with friend of the pod, Sam Duckworth's Recreations throughout April and May at a venue near you. For all Sean's dates, music, merch and much more check out
Mar 29, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined by Feral Sun front man Mick Burns. They talk about migrating bands to different hemispheres, gig stories, how to judge auditions and rocking out. Catch Feral Sun this Thursday 31st March @ The Barfly, Camden with 48 Hours, Dead Dollar Days and Alive In Lights. You can get your tickets here: For everything Feral Sun, catch up with them on
Mar 21, 2016
This week we have a special episode for you. As we are 30 weeks down we thought we'd take a break from our usual show and have some fun. We've still got a great interview with Sam Duckworth. Formerly 'Get Cape Wear Cape Fly', Sam has a new project called Recreations. Catch up with Sam on Twitter @forgetcape or go to his website Please let us know your thoughts about this or any other episode on Facebook or Twitter @H2WAT - Enjoy End Track: The BrassKats - Steel Toe Caps and Roundhouse Kicks from the album The Return of The BrassKats - The Debut Album.
Mar 14, 2016
This week Jay and Tony sit down with the inventive and thrilling Tobias Ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater. Since playing their first gig together at Glastonbury 2014 they have been on the road captivating audiences all over the UK nonstop. Check them out at:
Mar 8, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined all the way from sunny Scotland by Kyle from the rocking We Came From Wolves. Their new single Ruiner is out on March 18th 2016 and you can get an exclusive look at the Official video now on WCFWTV on Youtube. ( Their self-titled album is out now, check it out: Check out this and all our previous episodes on, and why not do some shopping while you are there. Click through the Amazon Portal and help keep this podcast on the air.
Mar 1, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined by the legend that is Chris T-T. Dubbed a 'genius' by the BBC, 'outstanding' by The Sunday Times and an 'idiot' by Jack Osbourne, Chris has been there and done it! His new album 9 Green Songs is out on June 3rd, for more info, dates and a listen to all his previous material check out
Feb 23, 2016
Ignoring what Tony says in the intro - CHUBBA DUBS will be on March 4th, not the 5th! This week Jay and Tony go deep with the Reggae Dub master George Works. He tells tales of learning guitar on the Seven Seas, playing London Garage in South America and just generally how to be a badman. Catch George and co. alongside some of best reggae, food and drink from around the world and have a good old dance at Chubba Dubs - 4th March @ Green Tea - Tuneful Trees - Fountayne Road! For more info see Chubba Dubs on Facebook or go to
Feb 16, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined by Will Varley. They talk about the good old days, making fake IDs, coming up through the open mic scene and even a bit about Bingo. Will is touring the UK right now, for music, dates and much more check out
Feb 9, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined by Justin and Jamie from Brightlight City. Their new single Gravity will be out in March 2016 - so keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground. For tour dates, social media links and much more check out
Feb 2, 2016
This week our old friend Ross returns to the pod and this time he brought Phil with him. If you think back to 2015, Ross came on to talk Sin Kings, but by the time we had gone through the old Humbug days we we almost 2 hours in. So here is Part 2 with actual Sin Kings content! promise! Sin Kings latest album 'The Devil Makes Three' is available at all your usual retailers. For dates, info and much more check Sin Kings out on Facebook or at
Jan 25, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined all the way from Australia by Jay and Dan from Jay Wars and the Howard Youth. Their new album 'Love in the Time of Fear' is out next Friday Feb 5th 2016. Pre-order it now from
Jan 19, 2016
This week Jay and Tony sit down with long time friend of the pod - Ali Rose. Ali takes us through the years in which she helped us write some bangers (yes, that's right - Ali had a big hand in writing some of your favourite BrassKat tunes) and how she took that knowledge out into the wide world - spending time in artist management before returning to her natural habitat; top line writing for the stars and laying down her own tracks. Writing on International Best Selling Albums in 2015 and with new releases due early 2016 - watch this space. For tracks, social media links and much more check out Ali on:
Jan 12, 2016
This week Jay and Tony are joined by Brendan B. Brown from everyone's favourite Teenage Dirtbags - Wheatus. This was the first ever Skype interview, so forgive the occasion sound issues and due to the time difference it was very early for Brendan and very late for Jay and Tony. Recorded back in 2015 join us as we embark on a journey of discovery with a band that released one of the most iconic songs of a generation. Brendan is one of the most hard working musicians the H2WAT boys have come across so sit down and enjoy. You can find Wheatus at all the usual social media outlets and at While you are at it, why not check out some of our brothers in arms over at
Jan 8, 2016
The third and final part of our Marketing with Millie series. This week we discuss Social Media on a grander scale, run you through all the different sites you can use and what they are best for. A big thanks to Millie Manders for her help throughout this series. Millie is now back on the road after the Christmas hiatus. Catch up with Millie at For all of our previous episodes, album reviews and much more, check out
Jan 5, 2016
2016 kicks off with a bang as Jay and Tony sit down with the hilarious Elliot Mason. Check out Elliot on iTunes or at for info, gigs and physical copies of his albums, including the recent re-release of his debut CD, The Day They Turned Jif To Cif. Happy New Year from all the H2WAT Crew. Catch up on this and all of our other episodes at
Dec 29, 2015
This week is the conclusion of the H2WAT Liverpool tour. Jay and Tony sit down with the hard rocking Keith from The Swingin Bricks. This was the first pod we ever recorded in the morning so make yourself a coffee and join us for episode 18 of How To Write A Tune. Catch The Swingin Bricks on Soundcloud: For this and all of our previous episodes check out
Dec 24, 2015
Cosy up round the fire, wrap both your hands around your Christmas cracker and give it a tug - cause Christmas is about to explode all over your face. Join Jay and Tony for a special Christmas episode. Timia from The Lounge Kittens, Miles and Liam from RUMPSTEPPERS check into the Podcastle for a Christmas Eve Party not to be forgotten. Merry Christmas from HoHoHowToWriteATune.
Dec 22, 2015
Ever wonder if Jay could do a podcast without Tony? This week Jay goes solo and delves into the memory banks of the awesome Thom Worth. Watch out next year as Thom hits the road with fellow friend of the pod Tim OT on The Leap Year Tour and will almost undoubtedly be found in a town near you in the build up to the big 29. All gigs are free entry/donations and procceds go to Overcoming MS (you can donate at For tour dates, music and much more check out
Dec 17, 2015
Millie Manders is back for another H2WAT:Extra for you lucky, lucky people. This week we move over to the Social Media side of things and more specifically Facebook! Keep those ears peeled for more H2WAT:Extra episodes coming soon!!! Check out Millie at:
Dec 14, 2015
This week Jay and Tony sit down with Timfy and Ben from the UK's no.1 Djent/Rap/Metal outfit - Hacktivist. You may notice this is a bit of a noisy episode, that's because we caught up with the Hacktivist boys in the bar of The Fighting Cocks prior to their big K'Town show. So pour yourselves a drink and just imagine you are sitting at the bar with us. You can catch everything Hackitivist have been up to, gigs, music and their up and coming album on:
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